Here at Mesa de Temporada Catering there are four partners, all of us women, of whom two of us are dedicated to working for the company full time. The company was founded in late 2007 amid much excitement and ambition. We were a small team from a business and corporate background with diverse studies behind us, but we were united by our shared taste for event management, cooking and, above all, helping people from different backgrounds resolve problems arising in relation to food, feeding people and inviting people to eat whether it’s at home or at work.

We knew the corporate world well from the inside and we saw a niche and an opportunity and we went jumped at the opportunity. Then came the recession, but we decided not get on board with that. Seven years later we can say that we have learned a lot, that we have much more experience and better quality experience and that we have overcoming very different situations, helping us when it comes to advising our clients in their approach. The effort has been enormous but we’re very proud of where we are and what we have achieved. Our main clients today are still companies and, little by little, we have gradually taken on private clients who come back to us year after year and that is our greatest satisfaction.

We’re still as hungry as ever, having matured over the years both in in terms of the food and menus we offer, adapting to the needs we see around us and the demands of our clients and in crucial aspects such as contracting, adopting new technologies and making it easy for our clients to contact us directly

We still have the same passion as when we started but now we can say that values like quality, service, professionalism, flexibility, transparency in the information we provide, the search for excellence and continuous improvement are the pillars of our business.

We still have a long way to go, many landmarks to reach and we hope to do so while enjoying our work, as we have up to now and alongside all the clients who have trusted us and we hope they continue to do so.


Thank you!

Our team